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Advisory Board

The CCIS advisory board is made up of scholars and scientists from disciplines and divisions across the UCSD campus. The board meets quarterly to offer feedback on CCIS plans and developments.


David FitzGerald, Co-Director, Sociology
Claire Adida, Co-Director, Political Science 

Marisa Abrajano, Political Science
Luis Alvarez, History
Abigail Andrews, Sociology
Kirk Bansak, Political Science
Samuel Bazzi, Global Policy & Strategy
Frances Contreras, Education Studies
Olivia Graeve, Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Jade d'Alpoim Guedes, Anthropology / Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Zoltan Hajnal, Global Policy & Strategy / Political Science
John Haviland, Anthropology
Gaurav Khanna, Global Policy & Strategy
Curtis Marez, Ethnic Studies
Victoria Ojeda, School of Medicine
David Pedersen, Anthropology
Vanesa Ribas, Sociology
Kate Ricke, Global Policy & Strategy / Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Mary Walshok, UC San Diego Extension 
Elana Zilberg, Communication