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UCSD Graduate Student Affiliates

Below are the current UCSD Graduate Student Affiliates.

  • To become a UCSD Graduate Student Affiliate with CCIS, please send an email to with the folowing information: Color photo, Name, PhD student/candidate of _____, contact email, a sentence or two listing your research focus/specialty

  • Morgen A. Chalmiers

    Morgen A. Chalmiers

    MD/PhD Candidate of Anthropology


    Research Focus:  Explores reproductive decision-making in the context of displacement through person-centered ethnographic research with Syrian refugees in Jordan. Her fieldwork and clinical practice are informed by the paradigm of reproductive justice and a commitment to addressing health disparities through an intersectional framework. She is passionate about integrating anthropological insights into clinical practice and health policy through interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Armand Gutierrez

    Armand Gutierrez

    Ph.D. Student of Sociology


    Research Focus:  The economic, political, and social lives of first- and second-generation migrants. His latest work utilizes quantitative and qualitative methods to examine the economic prospects for those in the U.S. and in their countries of origin. 

    Twitter: @ArmandGutz29

  • Doreen Hsu

    Doreen Hsu

    Ph.D. Student of Sociology


    Research focus:  My research interests include race and ethnicity, immigration, gender, education, Asian American and East Asian studies.


    Twitter: @doreen_hsu

  • Karen Le

    Karen Le

    Ph.D. Student of Sociology


    Research Interests:  Immigrant political integration, immigration detention, criminality, and race

  • Dasom Lee

    Dasom Lee

    Ph.D. Student of Sociology


    Research Interests: Labor Migration, Race, Class and Gender in East Asia, Migrant Illegality, Citizenship, Global Ethnography

  • Jiaqi Liu (Mars)

    Jiaqi Liu (Mars)

    Ph.D. Student of Sociology


    Research interests: Emigration policy, return migration, citizenship politics, refugee migration, political sociology, law and society


    Twitter: @JiaqiLiuUCSD

  • Gustavo López

    Gustavo López

    Master of Public Policy Candidate, GPS


    Research Interests:  Latino population trends, Latino public opinion, immigration trends, and public attitudes about immigrants

  • Ana Lopez-Ricoy

    Ana Lopez-Ricoy

    Ph.D. Student of Sociology


    Research interests:  Social movements, transnational feminism, femicide, social violence and gender-based violence, globalization, political sociology, migration

  • Angela Y. McClean

    Angela Y. McClean

    Ph.D. Candidate of Sociology


    Research Interests:  Angela's research interests include international migration, forced migration, social movements, and Asian and Asian-American studies. In her dissertation, Angela explores refugee reception and resettlement in South Korea by examining some of the most influential domestic actors participating in Korea's politics of asylum – the public, political and bureaucratic elites, and civil society.  

  • Sevin Gulfer Sagnic

    Sevin Gulfer Sagnic

    Ph.D. Student of Sociology

    Email: and

    Research Interests:  International migration, Refugee and Asylum Policy, Citizenship,  Political Sociology

  • Karina Shklyan

    Karina Shklyan

    PhD Student of Sociology


    Research Focus:  Immigrant integration, immigration policy, local contexts of reception, federalism, and ethnic return migration