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UC Research Associates

One of CCIS’s chief goals is to establish a comprehensive research network of migration scholars. To this aim, we have developed an extensive group of affiliates, both inside the UC system and externally.


Name UC Affiliation Department Email Specialty
Abrajano, Marisa San Diego Political Science Latino politics in U.S.
Adida, Claire L. San Diego Political Science Comparative Politics; The study of ethnicity and identity, government and non-state provision of public goods, inter-group cooperation and violence, and trust and informal institutions
Al-Delaimy, Wael San Diego Family Medicine and Public Health Effects of Political Injustice on Health and Mental Health
Betts, Julian R. San Diego
Economics Economics of educatioBiessn
Biess, Frank San Diego
History The role of immigrant labor in postwar reconstruction of the "two Germanies"
Brouwer, Kimberly C. San Diego
Medicine Spatial and molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases
Chandler, William San Diego
Political Science Immigration policy and the politics of immigration in Germany
Cohen, Shana San Diego
Education Studies Research explores the barriers that immigrant families face in accessing early intervention services for their children with an autism spectrum disorder.
Cornelius, Wayne San Diego
Political Science Immigration policies in North America, Spain, and Japan
El-Tayeb, Fatima San Diego
Literature 19th and 20th Century European history, (Trans)National Identities, African Diaspora Studies, Gender Studies, Ethnic Minorities in Europe
Erie, Steven San Diego
Political Science Immigrants and ethnicity in U.S. urban politics
Espiritu, Yen San Diego
Ethnic Studies Gender, race, transnationalism, Filipino and Vietnamese immigrants in the U.S.
FitzGerald, David San Diego
Sociology U.S. - Mexican Relations, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies
Gutierrez, David San Diego
History History of Mexican immigration and relations between immigrants and Mexican Americans
Hajnal, Zoltan L. San Diego
Political Science Racial and ethnic politics, urban politics, minority representation in direct democracy
Hanson, Gordon San Diego
GPS Immigration and trade in the U.S. and México; labor market consequences of globalization
Haviland, John B. San Diego
Anthropology Social life of language, Tzotzil Mayan, Australian languages, Mexico, Australia
Houston, Alan San Diego
Political Science Political theory; history of anti-immigration thought in 18th Century America.
Kousser, Thad San Diego
Political Science Immigrants as a component of the California electorate; immigration as an issue in California politics and government
Lewis, Kevin San Diego
Sociology Social networks, Race/Ethnicity
Ojeda, Victoria San Diego
Global Public Health Drug use, HIV/AIDS, and mental health issues among migrants
Pedersen, David San Diego
Anthropology Transnational migrant life, remittance circulation, Latin America, El Salvador, U.S.
Rauch, James San Diego
Economics International trade through ethnic networks
Ribas, Vanesa San Diego
Sociology International migration, race relations, and work.
Strathdee, Steffanie San Diego
Global Public Health Impacts of migration on public health in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands
Vasquez, Olga San Diego
Communication Bilingual communication and education in U.S. immigrant communities
Verdicchio, Pasquale San Diego
Literature North African immigrants in Italy
Walshok, Mary San Diego
Sociology Workforce development; cross-border economic cooperation; innovation
Tom K. Wong San Diego
Political Science Politics of immigration, citizenship, and migrant illegality
Winifred Woodhull San Diego
Literature North African and Caribbean female immigrants in France
Elana Zilberg San Diego Communication Transnational Salvadoran immigrant youth in Los Angeles and El Salvador; transnational, border, and urban studies; globalization, violence, race and ethnicity
Romero, Robert Chao Los Angeles Chicana/o Studies chinese immigration and settlement in Mexico, Chinese-Latinos
Favell, Adrian Los Angeles
Sociology Migration, Urban Sociology, Comparative & Global Sociology, Theory
Yokley, Lorrie Frasure Los Angeles
Political Science race and ethnic politics, political participation and incorporation, state and local politics
Hernandez, David Los Angeles
Chicana/o Studies International Migration, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Social Movements, Immigrant Detention and Deportation
Hernandez, Kelly Lytle Los Angeles
History race, migration, and police and prison systems in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands
Motomura, Hiroshi Los Angeles
School of Law Immigration and Citizenship law
Park, Kyeyoung Los Angeles
Anthropology political economy, class, gender, race/ethnicity, social justice, cultural transformation, transnationalism/globalization; Korean/Asian Americans
Rodriguez, Michael Los Angeles
Family Medicine Intimate partner violence, quality of healthcare for multiethnic populations across the age spectrum and workforce diversity
Santa Ana, Otto Los Angeles
Chicana/o Studies mass media representation of immigrants and immigration in general, network and local news representation, network humor about immigrants as a means of social control
Valenzuela, Abel Los Angeles
Chicana/o Studies 1) immigration and labor markets, 2) poverty and inequality, and 3) immigrant settlement patterns.
Waldinger, Roger Los Angeles
Sociology international migration; race and ethnicity
Zhou, Min Los Angeles
Sociology Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Community , Urban Sociology, Asian Americans
Ponce, Ninez Los Angeles Public Health Social disparities in health and health care: multicultural survey research, social penalties in health/health access, and population-based cancer prevention and control studies.
Brundage, David Santa Cruz Community Studies U.S. immigration and working-class history; Irish immigration to the U.S.; history of long-distance nationalism; history of U.S. social movements placed in transnational context.
Gleeson, Shannon Santa Cruz Latin American and Latino Studies Migrant populations, the effects of documentation status, labor rights, civic engagement, inequality & stratification, political sociology, law & society, mixed methods & comparative approaches
Jonas, Susanne Santa Cruz Latin American and Latino Studies Guatemalan/Central American migration, regional perspectives, transregional advocacy networks, San Francisco area as context, immigration policy critique, citizenship
McKay, Steve Santa Cruz Sociology Labor and labor markets, political sociology, globalization and social change, migration and racial formation, Southeast Asia.
Rivas, Cecilia M. Santa Cruz Latin American and Latino Studies Salvadoran transnationalism; media (Internet, newspapers); migration; globalization; race, ethnicity, and gender; bilingualism; consumption; El Salvador; Central America
Zavella, Patricia Santa Cruz Latin American and Latino Studies Chicana/o-Latina/o studies, women's work and domestic labor, poverty, family, sexuality and social networks, feminist studies, ethnographic research methods, and transnational migration of Mexicana/o workers and U.S. capital.
Lien, Pei-Te Santa Barbara Political Science Transnational politics of Asian Americans, the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, and nativity in political behavior, both of the elites and the mass
Lopez-Carr, David Santa Barbara Geography Human dimensions of global environmental change, land use/cover change, international and internal migration, fertility, health, rural poverty and development, Latin America
Palerm, Juan Vicente Santa Barbara Anthropology rural development, peasant economies and societies, migration, labor and agriculture, community studies, family studies, history of ethnological theory, political economy and Marxism.
Park, John S.W. Santa Barbara Asian American Studies immigration law and policy, race theory, political theory and public law
Pinedo-Turnovsky, Carolyn Santa Barbara Sociology Race and ethnicity, Latina/o studies, immigration studies, and ethnography.
Spickard, Paul Santa Barbara History Migration and Identity in United States History and in Modern World History, Race and Ethnicity in the United States and in Comparative International Perspective, Asian American History, Culture, Religion, Gender, and Family Life, History and Peoples of the Pacific, Race, Migration and Membership in Germany
Walsh, Casey Santa Barbara Anthropology Political Economy, Commodities, Water, Borderlands, Infrastructures
Chang, Edward Riverside Ethnic Studies Korean American, Korean diaspora, Korean-African American Relations, Korean-Latino relations, and Race Relations
Ossman, Susan Riverside Anthropology emerging forms of transnational social life and political engagement from the perspective of serial migrants, people who have lived in several countries. North Africa, Europe, Middle East.
Pyke, Karen Riverside Sociology 1.5 and 2nd generation Asian Americans, Gender, Race & Ethnicity, Internalized Oppression, Critical Race Feminist Theory, Power, Identities, Families, Qualitative and Interpretive Methods
Ramakrishman, Karthick Riverside Political Science Immigration and race/ethnicity, civic engagement, public policy
Sorensen, Todd Riverside Economics Labor market effects of immigration, Immigrant assimilation, Labor market adjustments of natives to immigration
Robin Maria DeLugan Merced School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts nation-state formation, national belonging, race-ethnicity-nation, citizenship, social memory, migration, diaspora, transnationalism, indigenous migration from Latin America to the US, El Salvador, California
Bean, Frank Irvine Sociology Demography, Racial & Ethnic Relations, Economic Sociology, Family
Bernal, Victoria Irvine Anthropology gender, nationalism, transnationalism, development, cyberspace, and Islam.
Brown, Susan K. Irvine Sociology Immigrant incorporation, urban sociology, educational inequality
Calavita, Kitty Irvine Criminology, Law & Society sociology of law, criminology, social deviance, and inequality
Chacon, Jennifer Irvine School of Law Criminalization of migration; effects of immigration enforcement on local policing norms and procedures; prosecutions of immigration crimes; human trafficking.
Chavez, Leo Irvine Anthropology Latin America, medical anthropology, transnational communities
Chen, Yong Irvine History Asian-American history, Late 19th & 20th Century, American social & cultural history, U.S. immigration history, transpacific history, history of food.
Coutin, Susan Irvine Criminology, Law & Society; Anthropology law, culture, human rights, citizenship, political activism, Central America
Desipio, Louis Irvine Political Science Ethnic Politics, Latino Politics, naturalization, U.S. electoral politics
Feliciano, Cynthia Irvine Chicano/Latino Studies Race and Ethnicity, Education, Immigration, Inequality
Goodman, Sara Wallace Irvine Political Science Citizenship in Europe, immigration policy, immigrant integration
James, Winston Irvine History Caribbean, African-American, African Diaspora, Europe
Lee, Jennifer Irvine Sociology Race/Ethnicity, Social Inequality, Asian American Studies
Mazzolari, Francesca Irvine Economics welfare benefits, Economics of Immigration, Wage Inequality
Millward, Jessica Irvine History African American History, the African Diaspora, Gender and Women, Law and Society
Rosas, Ana Elizabeth Irvine Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies Chicana/o History, Comparative Immigration, Race, Ethnic, and Gender Studies, and Oral History
Ruiz, Vicki Irvine History Latina history, labor studies, immigration history, U.S. West
Rumbaut, Ruben Irvine Sociology Second generation, intergenerational mobility, assimilation, criminality, bilingualism, language loss, ethnic identity, citzenship, health and mortality, education, policy
Sadiq, Kamal Irvine Political Science Southeast Asia, India, politics of immigration in Asia, ethnic conflict, and politics of South Asia
Vo, Linda Irvine Asian American Studies Asian American studies; race and ethnic relations; immigration theory; gender relations; social stratification; and community and urban sociology
Guarnizo, Luis Davis Human & Community Development Economic Sociology, entrepreneurs, comparative international development, citizenship
Hamilton, Erin Davis Sociology International migration, Mexico, social demography, health, gender, urbanization, geography
Haynes, Bruce Davis Sociology Race & ethnicity, urban studies, community studies
Hing, Bill Davis School of Law Immigration Policy, Race Relations, Public Interest Law, Asian American Studies
Johnson, Kevin Davis Law Immigration Law and policy; race; civil rights
Kyle, David Davis Sociology Ethnicity, economic sociology, law and society, global comparative sociology
Money, Jeannette Davis Political Science Electoral participation; political geography; immigration control
Peri, Giovanni Davis Economics International Migrations, Labor Markets, Economic Productivity, Trade
Smith, Michael Peter Davis Human & Community Development Transnationalism; global migration and citizenship; globalization and urban development; racial and ethnic formation
Smith, James Davis School of Law Immigration detention, deportation, criminalization, comparative immigration policies and migration of marginalized populations in Latin America, particularly Mexico.
Bedolla, Lisa Garcia Berkeley Graduate School of Education/Politicial Science How marginalization and inequality structure the political and educational opportunities available to members of ethnoracial groups, with a particular emphasis on the intersections of race, class, and gender
Bloemraad, Irene Berkeley Sociology political sociology, race & ethnicity, social movements, nationalism, canada
Choy, Catherine Ceniza Berkeley Ethnic Studies Asian American history, Philippine/Filipino American studies, contemporary U.S. immigration, international migration of nurses, transnational adoption
Fox, Cybelle Berkeley Sociology race & ethnic relations, American welfare state, immigration, health policy, public opinion, historical sociology, political sociology
Glenn, Evelyn Nakano Berkeley Ethnic Studies citizenship, immigration, intersections of race and gender, care labor, colorism
Guendelman, Sylvia Berkeley Public Health Reproductive health, access to healthcare, health along US-Mex Border, health issues of working women, obesity
Hirschkind, Charles Berkeley Anthropology Muslim immigrants; religion; Europe & Spain;
Holmes, Seth Berkeley School of Public Health Population health with focus on health disparities, social determinants of health, and global health
Jastram, Kate Berkeley Law Refugee, migration, human rights law
Liu, Mao-Mei Berkeley Sociology Migration, social demography, sociology of families
Um, Khatharya Berkeley Ethnic Studies Southeast Asia, refugees, transnational and diaspora studies, transnational civil society, human security, health and education