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Jessica Miguel

Jessica Miguel is a native of Central California. With over ten years of experience in education as a teacher and paraprofessional, Jessica seeks to examine the language and cultural practices of immigrant children and families, with a focus on students in special education. Her most recent research endeavors are in the Families and ASD in Sociocultural Environments (F.A.S.E.) Research Lab working on the Improving Odds study, researching Mexican heritage families whose children are diagnosed with Autism. Past research includes topics related to; determining access to early child care education in a Southern California community, the examination of 3-5 year old students with special needs in Dual Language Immersion classrooms; and helping conduct research on the literacy practices of Latina student mothers at the university level. Jessica graduated with a B.A. in International Development from UCLA in 2010 and holds an M.Ed. in Multilingual Multicultural Education from California State University, Fresno. Jessica is also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Philippines '10-'12.