Undocumented Migration in the USA and Germany: An Analysis of the German Case with Cross- References to the U.S. Situation (Working Paper #4)

Holk Stöbbe, University of Göttingen – Germany

Summary: I am going to focus my presentation on the German case and will only make a few cross-references to the situation in the U.S., since the U.S. case has been discussed thoroughly elsewhere. First, a brief overview of some of the literature and methods used will be given. Secondly, this paper will show that a theory of undocumented migration is, if not inexistent, then at least still under construction. Thirdly, the pitfalls of quantitative data on undocumented migration are to be demonstrated. Finally, the paper will present some of the policies in Germany to control both documented and undocumented migration and their effects on the lives of undocumented migrants.

Working Paper #4»