Reviews of A Nation of Emigrants

emigrantsCCIS associate director David FitzGerald’s new book A Nation of Emigrants has been reviewed in several prestigious academic journals. Writing in the summer 2009 edition of International Migration Review, Dietrich Thranhardt calls the book a “seminal and systematic analysis of Mexican emigration.” Alexandra Délano writes in the July 2009 edition of the Journal of Politics that “scholars in the fields of migration and Mexican studies will find this a readable and engaging book that raises provocative questions and presents original arguments that enrich the burgeoning literature on migrant-sending states.” Susan Greenhalgh writes in Population and Development Review that “A Nation of Emigrants is an important contribution to the literature on emigrant citizenship in an age of globalization. Many others have explored the responses of governments of receiving countries, yet few have examined, as FitzGerald does, the responses of the governments of origins.” Finally, Ernesto Castañeda writes in Contemporary Sociology, “This book will stimulate further research on the relation between culture, institutions, and migrant- sending and receiving states and is a wel- come addition to the literature on migration and nation formation.”

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