Migration from the Mexican Mixteca: A Transnational Community in Oaxaca and California

mixteca(distributed by Lynne Rienner Publishers)
Edited by Wayne A. Cornelius, David FitzGerald, Jorge Hernández-Díaz, and Scott Borger
Published 2009, 268 pages, paperback

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This volume provides a vivid portrait of a transnational migrant community anchored in both the remote Mixteca region of Oaxaca and the San Diego metropolitan area.

Drawing on surveys and interviews with migrants and potential migrants conducted by a binational research team in 2007-2008, the contributors show how the Oaxaca-based and the California-based natives of the town of San Miguel Tlacotepec have built parallel communities separated by an increasingly fortified international border. Their findings shed important new light on a range of vital issues in US immigration policy, including the efficacy and impact of border enforcement, how undocumented status affects health and education outcomes, and how modern telecommunications are shaping transborder migrant networks.


“…highly interesting, multifaceted, in-depth examination of various aspects of the ‘transnational’ ties that shape and reflect life and death in the social space of Tlacotepec-Vista.” — The Journal of Latin American Studies (read full review)

“Each essay contains new, fascinating, unexpected nuggets of fresh data…. There is not a boring chapter or irrelevant topic raised. Essential.” — Choice (read full review)

2009 Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title

“A readable study emphasizing the dynamics of the vibrant U.S.-Mexican border region” — Salvador Rivera, Multicultural Review (read full review)



San Miguel Tlacotepec as a Community of Emigration—B. Cota-Cabrera, E. Hildreth, A. Rodríguez, and V. Canseco Zárate.

Strategies for Success: Border Crossing in an Era of Heightened Security—K. Parks, G. Lozada, M. Mendoza, and L. García Santos.

Setting Down Roots: Tlacotepense Settlement in the United States—C. Appleby, N. Moreno, and A. Smith.

Long-Distance Lives: International Migrant Networks and Technology in the United States and Mexico—L. Muse-Orlinoff, M. Matus Ruiz, C. Ambort, and J.E. Cárdenas.

Going to School, Going to El Norte: Migration’s Impact on Tlacotepense Education—A. Sawyer, D. Keyes, C. Velásquez, G. Lima, and M.M. Bautista.

Lucharle Por La Vida: The Impact of Migration on Health—W.L. Duncan, L. Korwin, M. Pinedo, E. González-Fagoaga, and D. García.

Between Here and There: Ethnicity, Civic Participation, and Migration in San Miguel Tlacotepec—E. Perry, N. Doshi, J. Hicken, and J.R. Méndez García.

The Economics of Migration: Agriculture, Remittances, and Investment—E. Erickson, T. Menéndez, and P. Nichols.

Appendix: Survey Questionnaire.