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CCIS scholars publish books on a wide variety of topics related to immigration. CCIS also publishes its own research, distributed by Lynne Rienner Publishers or co-published with other university and commercial presses. For further information about these books and to order them, please click on the names or covers of the books.

white backlashWhite Backlash: Immigration, Race, and American Politics
By Marisa Abrajano and Zoltan Hajnal
Published: 2015, 256 pages, hardcover
Nación de emigrantesNación de emigrantes. Cómo maneja México su migración
By David FitzGerald
Published: 2014, 304 pages, paperback
[Published as a Nation of Emigrants in 2009]
Immigrant Exclusion - AdidaImmigrant Exclusion and Insecurity in Africa: Coethnic Strangers
By Claire L. Adida
Published: 2014, 188 pages, hardcover
Culling the Masses: The Democratic Origins of Racist Immigration Policy in the Americas
By David Scott FitzGerald and David Cook-Martin
Published: 2014, 512 pages, hardcover
After Civil Rights: Racial Realism in the New American Workplace
By John D. Skrentny
Published: 2013, 416 pages, hardcover
The Wall Between Us
Edited by David Scott FitzGerald, Jorge Hernández Díaz and David Keyes
Published: 2013, 172 pages, paperback
Políticas de control migratorio. Estudio comparado de España y EE.UU.
(distributed by Edicions Bellaterra) Edited by Antonio Izquierdo and Wayne A. Cornelius
Published: 2012, 400 pages, paperback
Is Immigration Necessary? Work, Growth, and the Future in Japan and the United States
(distributed by American Behavioral Scientist) Edited by John Skrentny and the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, University of California – San Diego
Published: August 2012, Volume 56, Number 58
Reaching for a New Deal
(distributed by Russell Sage Foundation) Edited by Theda Skocpol and Lawrence R. Jacobs; contains John Skrentny’s chapter “Obama’s Immigration Reform: A Tough Sell for a Grand Bargain”
Published: August 2011, 320 pages, paperback
Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs: The Economic and Social Impact of a Global Phenomenon
(distributed by Ashgate Publishing Group) Edited by Daphne Halkias, University of California, San Diego, USA; Paul Thurman, Columbia University, USA, Nicholas Harkiolakis, National Metsovio Polytechnic University, Greece and Sylva M. Caracatsanis, University of Exeter, UK
Published: December 2010, 324 pages, hardcover
Recession Without Borders: Mexican Migrants Confront the Economic Downturn
(distributed by Lynne Rienner Publishers) Edited by David Scott FitzGerald, Rafael Alarcón Acosta, and Leah Muse-Orlinoff
Published: November 2010, 250 pages, paperback
Taking Local Control: Immigration Policy Activism in U.S. Cities and States
(distributed by Stanford University Press) Edited by Monica W. Varsanyi
Published: July 2010, 320 pages, paperback
economic-crisisMexican Migration and the US Economic Crisis: A Transnational Perspective
(distributed by Lynne Rienner Publishers) Edited by Wayne A. Cornelius, David FitzGerald, Pedro Lewin, and Leah Muse-Orlinoff
Published: 2009, 275 pages, paperback
emigrantsA Nation of Emigrants: How Mexico Manages Its Migration
(distributed by the University of California Press) By David FitzGerald
Published: 2009, 244 pages, paperback
diasporic-homecomingsDiasporic Homecomings: Ethnic Return Migration in Comparative Perspective
(distributed by Stanford University Press) Edited by Takeyuki Tsuda
Published: July 2009, 288 pages, paperback
mixtecaMigration from the Mexican Mixteca: A Transnational Community in Oaxaca and California
(distributed by Lynne Rienner Publishers) Edited by Wayne A. Cornelius, David FitzGerald, Jorge Hernández-Díaz, and Scott Borger
Published: 2009, 268 pages, paperback
four-generationsFour Generations of Norteños: New Research from the Cradle of Mexican Migration
(distributed by Lynne Rienner Publishers) Co-edited by Wayne A. Cornelius, David FitzGerald, and Scott Borger
Published: 2009, 250 pages, paperback
mayan-journeysMayan Journeys: The New Migration from Yucatán to the United States
(distributed by Lynne Rienner Publishers) Co-edited by Wayne A. Cornelius, David S. FitzGerald, and Pedro Lewin Fischer
Published: 2007, 275 pages, paperback
border-enforcementImpacts of Border Enforcement on Mexican Migration: The View from Sending Communities
(distributed by Lynne Rienner Publishers) Co-edited by Wayne A. Cornelius and Jessa M. Lewis
Published: 2007, 185 pages, paperback
local-citizenshipLocal Citizenship in Recent Countries of Immigration: Japan in Comparative Perspective
(a co-publication of Lexington Books and CCIS) Edited by Takeyuki Tsuda
Published: 2006, 306 pages, paperback
muslim-womenMuslim Women in Southern Spain: Stepdaughters of Al-Andalus
By Gunther Dietz and Nadia El-Shohoumi
Published: 2005, 169 pages, paperback
controlling-immigrationControlling Immigration: A Global Perspective, 2nd edition, revised and expanded
(a co-publication of Stanford University Press and CCIS) Edited by Wayne A. Cornelius, Takeyuki Tsuda, Philip L. Martin, and James F. Hollifield
Published: 2004, 550 pages, paperback
indigenous-mexican-migrantsIndigenous Mexican Migrants in the United States
Edited by Jonathan Fox and Gaspar Rivera-Salgado
Published: 2004, 525 pages, paperback
transnational-politicsThe Transnational Politics of U.S. Immigration Policy
By Marc R. Rosenblum
Published: 2004, 127 pages, paperback
ethnic-homelandStrangers in the Ethnic Homeland: Japanese Brazilian Return Migration in Transnational Perspective
(published through Columbia University Press) By Takeyuki Tsuda
Published: 2003, 432 pages, paperback
reception-of-immigrantsHost Societies and the Reception of Immigrants
Edited by Jeffrey G. Reitz
Published: 2003, 550 pages, paperback
highly-skilledThe International Migration of the Highly Skilled: Demand, Supply, and Development Consequences for Sending and Receiving Countries
Edited by Wayne A. Cornelius, Thomas J. Espenshade, and Idean Salehyan
Published: 2001, 418 pages, paperback. ISBN 0-97028
color-linesColor Lines: Affirmative Action, Immigration, and Civil Rights Options for America
(published by University of Chicago Press) Edited by John Skrentny
Published: 2001, 370 pages, paperback
extra-territorial-citizenshipNegotiating Extra-Territorial Citizenship: Mexican Migration and the Transnational Politics of Community
By David FitzGerald
Published: 2000, 122 pages, paperback
unconvential-brotherhoodAn Unconventional Brotherhood: Union Support for Liberalized Immigration in Europe
By Julie R. Watts
Published: 2000, 64 pages, paperback