Co-Directors & Staff

  • John Skrentny

    John Skrentny

    CCIS Co-Director, Professor of Sociology

    Areas of expertise: international migration, immigration of the highly skilled, immigration politics and law, labor supply and training of scientists and engineers, innovation.

  • David FitzGerald

    David FitzGerald

    CCIS Co-Director, Theodore E. Gildred Chair in U.S.-Mexican Relations, Professor of Sociology, UCSD

    Areas of expertise: international migration, nationalism, transnationalism, comparative immigration and nationality law.

  • Wayne Cornelius

    Wayne Cornelius

    CCIS Founder and Theodore Gildred Distinguished Professor of Political Science and U.S.-Mexican Relations, Emeritus
    Co-Director, Center of Expertise on Migration and Health
  • Ana Minvielle

    Ana Minvielle

    Management Services Officer

  • Rawan Arar

    Rawan Arar

    Graduate Student Researcher
  • Natalie Novick

    Natalie Novick

    Graduate Student Researcher
  • Angela Y. McClean

    Angela Y. McClean

    Graduate Student Researcher
  • Fátima Khayar Cámara

    Fátima Khayar Cámara

    Graduate Student Researcher