UCSD Research Associates

The following are CCIS research associates at UCSD. To see non-UCSD research associates, click here.

Research Interests
Marisa Abrajanomabrajano@ucsd.eduPolitical ScienceLatino politics in U.S.
Claire L. Adidacadida@ucsd.eduPolitical ScienceComparative Politics; The study of ethnicity and identity, government and non-state provision of public goods, inter-group cooperation and violence, and trust and informal institutions
Julian R. Bettsjbetts@ucsd.eduEconomicsEconomics of education
Frank Biessfbiess@ucsd.eduHistoryThe role of immigrant labor in postwar reconstruction of the "two Germanies"
Kimberly C. Brouwerkbrouwer@ucsd.eduMedicineSpatial and molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases
William Chandlerwchandler@ucsd.eduPolitical ScienceImmigration policy and the politics of immigration in Germany
Wayne Corneliuswcorneli@ucsd.eduPolitical ScienceImmigration policies in North America, Spain, and Japan
Fatima El-Tayebfeltayeb@ucsd.eduLiterature 19th and 20th Century European history, (Trans)National Identities, African Diaspora Studies, Gender Studies, Ethnic Minorities in Europe
Steven Erieserie@ucsd.eduPolitical ScienceImmigrants and ethnicity in U.S. urban politics
Yen Espirituyespiritu@ucsd.eduEthnic StudiesGender, race, transnationalism, Filipino and Vietnamese immigrants in the U.S.
David Gutierrezdggutierrez@ucsd.eduHistoryHistory of Mexican immigration and relations between immigrants and Mexican Americans
Zoltan L. Hajnalzhajnal@ucsd.eduPolitical ScienceRacial and ethnic politics, urban politics, minority representation in direct democracy
Gordon Hansongohanson@ucsd.eduGraduate School of International Relations and Pacific StudiesImmigration and trade in the U.S. and México; labor market consequences of globalization
John B. Havilandjhaviland@ucsd.eduAnthropologySocial life of language, Tzotzil Mayan, Australian languages, Mexico, Australia
Alan Houstonahouston@ucsd.eduPolitical SciencePolitical theory; history of anti-immigration thought in 18th Century America.
Thad Koussertkousser@ucsd.eduPolitical ScienceImmigrants as a component of the California electorate; immigration as an issue in California politics and government
Kevin Lewislewis@ucsd.eduSociologySocial networks, Race/Ethnicity
Lisa Lowelmlowe@ucsd.eduLiteratureThe Asian-American experience in the U.S.
Everard Meadeemeade@ucsd.eduHistory20th century Mexican history and U.S. immigration
Natalia M. Molinanmolina@ucsd.eduEthnic StudiesPost-1865 U.S. history, comparative ethnicities, Latina/o history
Victoria Ojedavojeda@ucsd.eduGlobal Public HealthDrug use, HIV/AIDS, and mental health issues among migrants
David Pedersendpedersen@ucsd.eduAnthropologyTransnational migrant life, remittance circulation, Latin America, El Salvador, U.S.
James Rauchjrauch@ucsd.eduEconomicsInternational trade through ethnic networks
Vanesa Ribasvribas@ucsd.eduSociologyInternational migration, race relations, and work.
Steffanie Strathdeesstrathdee@ucsd.eduGlobal Public HealthImpacts of migration on public health in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands
Olga Vasquezovasquez@ucsd.eduCommunicationBilingual communication and education in U.S. immigrant communities
Pasquale Verdicchiopverdicchio@ucsd.eduLiteratureNorth African immigrants in Italy
Mary Walshokmwalshok@ucsd.eduSociologyWorkforce development; cross-border economic cooperation; innovation
Tom K. Wongtomkwong@ucsd.eduPolitical SciencePolitics of immigration, citizenship, and migrant illegality
Winifred Woodhullwwoodhull@ucsd.eduLiteratureNorth African and Caribbean female immigrants in France
Elana Zilbergezilberg@ucsd.eduCommunicationTransnational Salvadoran immigrant youth in Los Angeles and El Salvador; transnational, border, and urban studies; globalization, violence, race and ethnicity