Swanie Potot (France)

October 2017 - December 2017

Swanie Potot is a Sociologist researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), working at the Migration and Society Research Unit (URMIS), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. Her research investigates migrations processes to and within Europe, transnationalism, ethnic job markets, migration impact on societies of origin, interethnic relations, discrimination, and racism.
"Transnational migration and local border societies: A Franco-American perspective". The research conducted in CCIS takes two directions: an epistemological aspect deals with the way some major concepts of the migration studies travel from America to Europe and encounter dissimilar developments on each continent. I pay a special attention to the "transnationalism paradigm" and, latter, to the "race relations studies". In both cases, a paradigm emerged in a national US context and has shifted to Europe for studying slightly different social realities. In what way these exchanges have allowed great innovations, and beside, which have been the misunderstandings and the pitfalls of these transpositions? A second direction of the project relies on a fieldwork focusing on the impact of the border and migration on local societies. The aim is to compare the situation of San Diego facing the one of Nice, France. Mexico-US passage recall the Italian-France gate for migrants arriving from Africa on the Italian coast. Looking at activists who support migrants and at the local media production on the topic, we will compare the construction of political issues regarding migration on a local scale.