Stefanie Visel (Germany)

October 2016 - December 2016

Stefanie Visel is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Social Work and Organizational Studies at Hildesheim University (Germany). She is currently a scholarship holder of the German Research Council and member of the doctoral training program “Transnational Social Support“. Prior to that she worked as a research assistant at Hildesheim University. She holds a MA in Political Science from Potsdam University (Germany).

Her research interests involve transnational care migration, migration and labor markets, transnational ageing and local migration policies. Her PhD project examines occupational credentialing procedures for foreign trained nurses and health care workers in Germany.   

The recognition of foreign credentials: organizational practices in the recognition of nurses and health care workers

Studies in different countries show that foreign-trained migrants more often than not face difficulties when putting their skills and experiences in the labor market of their host country. The complexity of the different licensing systems, actors and organizations involved makes it difficult for both migrants and states.  As a result, even qualified migrants find themselves stuck in low-skilled jobs and it may take years to qualify in the host country until they can work again in the professions they are trained for. This applies especially for regulated occupations such as nurses. The Ph.D. project examines credentialing processes of internationally trained nurses and health care workers in Germany. The aim of the project is to analyze the organizational practices of recognition procedures. Based on findings of qualitative field work and interviews with state and non-state actors in organizations such as credentialing agencies, public authorities, migrants counseling centers and job centers, the project argues that the credentialing processes are shaped by organizational practices of difference and othering.