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Adi Hercowitz-Amir (Israel)

September 2017-August 2018

Israel Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow

Adi Hercowitz-Amir received her PhD in Sociology from The University of Haifa, Israel in August 2017. Her PhD dissertation focuses on reception of asylum seekers and refugees, at both citizen and state levels in Israel and in Denmark and is entitled: "Hostile hosting: The construction of public opinion and public policy towards asylum seekers and refugees: the cases of Israel and Denmark". She holds a B.A. degree in Sociology and Anthropology, Communication and Journalism from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an M.A. degree in Sociology and Anthropology, majoring in Organizational Studies from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her M.A. thesis focused on the forces shaping the widowhood construction of Druze IDF widows and was written at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University. Adi is currently an Israel Institute Post-doctoral scholar at CCIS teaching on the Sociology of Immigration to Israel.

Adi's research interests include international migration, majority group attitudes towards immigrants and asylum public policy.