CCIS has organized and hosted 24 research conferences, workshops, and graduate student training institutes. Most of these events have resulted in important publications, including three books published by Stanford University Press. In addition, CCIS has hosted more than 65 briefings for academic and non-academic groups, conducted by the Center’s academic staff.

The State of Migrant Labor in the Western United States: Then and Now

April 17, 2001

Six leading scholars and a migrants’ rights advocate discussed the past and present challenges facing Mexican and Central American migrant farm workers in California, Oregon, and Washington state. Issues included migrants’ changing relations with employers, labor contractors, and labor unions; migrant housing problems; the ways in which undocumented immigration status affects migrants’ access to jobs and terms of employment. This event was part of UCSD’s first annual César Chávez state holiday observance, sponsored by the UCSD Chancellor.

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Winter 2001 Research Workshop: UC Comparative Immigration and Integration Program

February 23, 2001

CCIS Visiting Fellows, faculty and graduate students from various UC campuses spoke on “A New Migration Era? U.S.- Mexico Migration under Fox and the New U.S. Administration,” “New Directions in Immigration Policy in Germany and the EU,” and “Recent Developments in Immigration in Asia.”
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Exclusive Citizenship: Mexico-to-U.S. Migrants and Indigenous People in Mexico

February 16, 2001

Co-sponsored by CCIS, the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, and the Ernesto Galarza Public Policy and Humanities Research Bureau
This conference brought together scholars from various disciplines, social activists, and public officials from Mexico and the U.S. to discuss the consequences of recent legal and policy changes affecting citizenship (including expatriate voting and cultural rights) for indigenous peoples in Mexico and Mexican migrants in the U.S.

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American Identities, Transnational Lives

January 25, 2001

A preview of cutting-edge research in the multidisciplinary field of immigration studies. Thirty Fellows of the Social Science Research Council’s International Migration Program reported on their recently completed research, and 10 senior immigration scholars commented.

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Immigration and Integration of Asians and Jews to Latin America

May 25, 2000

From the late 19th Century to the present, with leading historians and anthropologists presenting new papers.
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International Migration of Highly Skilled/Professional Workers to the U.S. and Canada

May 12, 2000

May 12-13, 2000: International Migration of Highly Skilled/Professional Workers to the U.S. and Canada
The papers presented at this conference have been published as a CCIS Anthology.
Migration of the Highly Skilled Agenda »

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