Conferences & Workshops

CCIS has organized and hosted 24 research conferences, workshops, and graduate student training institutes. Most of these events have resulted in important publications, including three books published by Stanford University Press. In addition, CCIS has hosted more than 65 briefings for academic and non-academic groups, conducted by the Center’s academic staff.


Ninth Annual UC International Migration Conference
“Immigrant California: Policies and Politics”

March 2, 2018
9am – 4:30pm

 Malamud Room, Institute of the Americas Plaza, UC San Diego

 “California’s Population Dynamics:  Growth, Diversity and Inequality,” Frank D. Bean and Susan K. Brown

 “Historical Patterns in California’s Changing Immigrant Policy, 1850-2017,” Allan Colbern

 “Immigration and California’s Innovation Economy,” Natalie Novick and John Skrentny

 “Assessing English Language Learners in California,” Marisa Abrajano

 “California’s Response to Federal Restrictive Policies Affecting Immigrant Health,” Ninez Ponce

 “Driver’s Licenses and the Racialization of Progressive Immigration Policy in California,” Laura E. Enriquez

 “Immigrant Political Incorporation,” Tom Wong

 “The California-Mexico Connection,” Raul Hinojosa

 “How Californians See Immigration,” Zoltan Hajnal



The California Endowment /CHIS Immigration Workshop

March 3, 2018
10am - 6pm              

Malamud Room, Institute of the Americas Plaza, UC San Diego

Sponsored by CCIS, CIRI and The California Endowment, this gathering will present the rich health and sociodemographic topics collected in CHIS and provide researchers with information on how to access and use CHIS data and aims to highlight how CHIS data may provide for new areas of inquiry and collaborations that continue to explore the impact of immigration status on health.




Conference Date
The California Endowment / CHIS Immigration Research Workshop March 3, 2018
9th Annual UC International Migration Conference "Immigrant California: Policies and Politics March 2, 2018
Refugee & Asylum Policies in an Age of Resurgent Nationalism December 1, 2017
Immigrant Integration and Gateways for Growth: Comparative Perspectives November 13, 2017
Human Rights and Migration Conference May 19, 2017
8th Annual UC International Migration Conference "Immigrant California: The Social, Economic, and Political Status of California's Immigrants May 13, 2017
7th Annual UC International Migration Conference "Immigrant Integration: California and Beyond April 22, 2016
CCIS Graduate Student Migration Workshop May 15, 2015
6th Annual UC International Migration Conference "Immigrant California: Immigration Policy at Varying Scales February 20, 2015
5th Annual UC International Migration Conference "Immigrant Integration in Comparative Perspective" January 31, 2014
4th Annual UC International Migration Conference: "We asked for workers and families came: "Children, youth, and families in migration" February 22, 2013
The Politics of Race and Place Workshop February 24, 2012
3rd Annual UC International Migration Conference "Politics and Governance" February 10, 2012
Ethnicity, Race, & Indigenous Peoples in Latin America & the Caribbean November 3, 2011

2nd Annual UC International Migration Conference

February 26, 2011
1st Annual UC International Migration Conference March 12, 2010