Papers and presentations from the COEMH Research Training Workshop, May 13-14, 2010

First Annual Research Training Workshop
May 13-14, 2010, UC San Diego

The COEMH’s first annual, interdisciplinary Research Training Workshop served as a showcase for research being undertaken by graduate students and recent postdoctoral scholars throughout the UC system relating to migration and health. UC faculty members served as discussants, providing expert feedback on the students’ work and commenting on its relevance to their own research. All ten UC campuses and eight academic disciplines were represented among the presenters and discussants. A selection of papers presented at the workshop will be published electronically as COEMH Working Papers and edited for publication as a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal. A prize for the best paper will also be awarded.

Workshop Organizing Committee: Wayne Cornelius (UCSD), Coordinator; Frank Bean (UCI), Claire Brindis (UCSF), Robin DeLugan (UC Merced)

Papers Presented

Session 1: Child Health and Family Dynamics

Luz Becerra (UCD) — Presentation | Paper

Naomi Schapiro (UCSF) — Presentation | Paper

Rosa Maria Sternberg (UCSF) — Presentation | Paper

Kristin Yarris (UCLA) — Presentation | Paper

Session 2: Immigrant Incorporation and Generational Well-being

Rennie Lee (UCLA) — Presentation | Paper

Carolyn Zambrano (UCI) — Presentation | Paper

Georgiana Bostean (UCI) — Presentation | Paper

Ayman Tailakh (UCLA) — Presentation | Paper

Keynote Address

Jay Silverman (Harvard School of Public Health), “Sex Trafficking: A Dark and Neglected Corner of Gender-­based Violence and HIV Risk” — Presentation

Session 3: Occupational and Environmental Health

Chelsea Eastman (UCD) — Presentation | Paper

Shira Goldenberg (UCSD) — Presentation | Paper

Angela Robertson (UCSD)

Barbara Baquero (UCSD) — Paper


Sylvia Guendelman (UCB), “Birth Outcomes of Mexican immigrant Mothers: Advantages in the Midst of inequalities?” — Presentation

Session 4: Women’s and Reproductive Health

Gloria Giraldo (UCLA) — Presentation | Paper

Alexandra Minnis (UCB) — Presentation | Paper

Maryada Vallet (UCLA) — Presentation | Paper

Katie Kessler, Liliana Quezada & Shira Goldenberg (UCSD) — Presentation | Paper

Faculty Discussant: Claire Brindis (UCSF) — Presentation

Session 5: Health Care and Immigration Policy

Cassie Hartzog (UCD) — Presentation | Paper

Helen Marrow (UCB) — Presentation | Paper

Rebecca Hester (UCSC/UI) — Presentation | Paper

Jennifer Miller-­‐Thayer (UCR) — Presentation | Paper