Angela S. García publishes a paper in Ethnic and Racial Studies

CCIS graduate student researcher Angela S. García has published a paper in Ethnic and Racial Studies.  The article, titled “Return to Sender? A Comparative Analysis of Immigrant Communities in ‘Attrition through Enforcement’ Destinations,” uses data from the Mexican Migration Field Research Program to show how state and local-level immigration policies affect Mexican immigrants living in California and Oklahoma.

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Is Immigration Necessary? Work, Growth, and the Future in Japan and the United States

Director John Skrentny and several people from CCIS team are guest editors for this special issue of American Behavioral Scientist: Is Immigration Necessary? Work, Growth, and the Future in Japan and the United States.

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John D. Skrentny, Micah Gell-Redman,and Jack Jin Gary Lee
Japan, the United States, and the Philosophical Bases of Immigration Policy


Frank D. Bean, Susan K. Brown, James D. Bachmeier, Zoya Gubernskaya, and Christopher D. Smith
Luxury, Necessity, and Anachronistic Workers: Does the United States Need Unskilled Immigrant Labor?

Yasushi Iguchi
What Role Do Low-Skilled Migrants Play in the Japanese Labor Markets?

Philip Martin
High-Skilled Migrants: S&E Workers in the United States

Nana Oishi
The Limits of Immigration Policies: The Challenges of Highly Skilled Migration in Japan

Marc R. Rosenblum
Alternatives to Migration in the United States: Policy Issues and Economic Impact

Toshimitsu Shinkawa
Substitutes for Immigrants?: Social Policy Responses to Population Decreases in Japan

Manolo Abella
The United States’ and Japan’s Immigration Dilemmas in Comparative Perspective