Beyond Assimilation: The Second Generation in France (Working Paper #186)

Patrick Simon, Institut National d’Etudes Demographiques –National demographic institute

Abstract: This presentation assesses the normative model of integration, the so-called republican model, and what it means for the prospects of the second generation of immigrants in France.  It shows that the salience of race and ethnicity for minority members in contemporary France is challenging the expectations of a convergence in norms, values and practices among the second generation.  Data come from a new survey, Trajectories and Origins: a survey on population diversity in France, which is the largest survey ever done in France on immigrants and second generation. Promoted by INED and the French National Statistical Institute (INSEE), the survey gathered information via a long questionnaire administered in face-to-face interviews to 22,000 respondents from 5 specific sub-samples: Immigrants (8300), descendents of Immigrants (8200), Overseas French (700), descendents of Overseas French (700) and “mainstream population” (3900).

Working Paper #186 (Powerpoint)»