Barbara Buckinx – Non-Domination Through Citizenship

Monday, January 14
Social Sciences Building 102
UC San Diego

Non-Domination through Citizenship

Barbara Buckinx, Visiting Scholar, UC San Diego Center on Global Justice; recently of Goethe (Frankfurt), Brown, and Princeton Universities

Scholars such as David Miller rely on civic republican ideas about the normative importance of the state to defend a restrictive citizenship regime. I argue that republicanism instead mandates an inclusive membership policy, and that all non-temporary residents ought to be given access to the status of citizenship and its associated privileges. After all, the republican state can fulfill its function only when its law is non-arbitrary, and this obtains only when all those who are subject to the state’s rule have the necessary means at their disposal to force the state to take their interests into account. Against Iseult Honohan, I argue that a waiting period for citizenship acquisition can also not be justified. Finally, I consider and reject three alternatives to the extension of citizenship to residents: non-citizen voting, legal protections, and cosmopolitan citizenship.

The paper will be posted at by 5 PM, Thursday, Jan 10.

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