Four Generations of Norteños Reviewed in Latino Studies

CCIS publication Four Generations of Norteños, based on research carried out under the Mexican Migration Field Research Program, was reviewed recently in Latino Studies.

Reviewer Ana María Aragonés writes that the book “provides a thoughtful overview of some determinants of migration. … Its main contribution is to raise doubts about some hypotheses presented by other studies, posing a new set of considerations to the discussion, which in turn makes it a very up-to-date presentation of current research on migration.” She concludes that the book “is written with rigorous clarity and each article is thematically connected to the book’s effort to provide an in-depth assessment of the complex migration of Tlacuitapeños. Understanding the causes and the consequences of migration is imperative not only for the Latin American community of scholars and the general public, but also for all those who live in the United States and in Mexico.”

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