Interpreting Mexico (LA Times)

la_times…Wayne Cornelius
Director, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, UC San Diego

It’s very clear that the Obama administration is not going to get to comprehensive immigration reform this year. There are simply too many distractions. So if you’re not going to do immigration reform, what do you do? You suggest that you are responsive to the drug violence and respond to very strong criticism from the Hispanic Caucus and the pro-immigration lobby’s criticism of the work-site raids that have taken place in recent years. What they’re saying, and I agree strongly, is that conducting raids affects mostly migrant workers themselves; it does not create a systematic deterrent to employers. It would be better to do more workplace audits, to ramp up the enforcement of the existing employer-sanctions law, rather than do these pinprick raids. You audit the hiring records and make sure the Social Security numbers on those forms coincide with what’s in the federal database… Read full article »