Rethinking Migration: High-Skilled Labor Flows from India to the United States (Working Paper #18)

A. Aneesh, Rutgers University

Summary: This paper compares practices of on-line and on-site labor (body shopping) in terms of their similarity or difference. It also identifies certain core aspects of on-line, offshore labor, which is a relatively newer phenomenon with little research expended on it, and clarifies how on-line programming works. Rather than limiting the inquiry to the question “what” is achieved and accomplished through the new labor practice, or what the content of work is, or what competitive advantages corporations gain by hiring on-line labor, I begin by asking the question: “how” does this form of labor work? This question brings out the contours of a new regime of labor practice, which requires new analytical tools to understand transformations in work organization and labor migration. The structure of the paper is as follows. First, I explain how this study seeks to add an important dimension to discuss two separate bodies of literature: globalization and migration, followed by a brief description of research. Lastly, I explain the workings of body shopping and on-line labor.

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